About the Orange Travel company

Orange Travel — is alternative to Ukrainian companies, that deal on the market with Cultural Exchange programs. The founding members participated the  Work & Travel program for a lot of times and worked for a long time with this program in Ukraine. Having bad experience of organization their own trips to USA through other Ukrainian companies (when the price for the program can change few times after registration, the embassy dates could be placed for the days you are unavailable and all the promises are forgotten after you pay the program fee) we created the company, that implements European standards into the market of Cultural Exchange programs. We have chosen the best sponsor organizations, so your positions during the summer match the conditions in job-offer, so medical insurance cover the cost of medical help in emergencies and so your sponsor always be on your side (not on the side of employer) when some troubles with job placement appear and so your program would not be terminated urgently after such contradictions with employer. Orange Travel — is a Limited Liability Company oriented on it’s clients and reputation. Getting the profit is only the necessary requirement to give us the opportunity to offer you the possibility to take part in the cultural exchange program Work & Travel USA 13.

Our product

We offer students the possibility to make a step in a new world with new opportunities and new friends, to receive unforgettable impressions and valuable experience working in the US company. Work and Travel program is the best opportunity to estimate your English level communicating each day with native Americans during your work and free time. Also it’s a good possibility to earn amount of money that would be enough for living in Ukraine during the year. Work and Travel program – is also the opportunity to make friends with people from different continents, because it’s participants are all around the world. After finishing their employment period students have the possibility to travel around the USA and spend memorable holidays on Bermudas or Hawaii (if it was a dream of you to visit this islands, you can spend there all summer working – we can find a job placement there for you).