Customs regulations of USA


The amount of currency you are taking in and out are not limited. You can take in to USA any amounts with cash, traveler’s  checks, payment cards. You need to declare only amounts higher than $10 thousands or the equivalent in the foreign currency. If you are taking in the gold, the declaration is obligatory.

Before crossing the border on board you are given the declaration of Customs and Border Service of USA and other forms. You need to fill them and sign. While passing the Customs and Border control you need to answer some questions of officer.

Rate of Import of Goods

Allowed to take in toll free up to 1 U.S. quart (946,3 ml) of alcoholic beverages (from 21 years old); up to 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 4,4 pounds (2kg) of leaf tobacco (from 21 years old); and personal use items and presents for 100$ per person (alcoholic beverages and cigarettes could not be counted in this type, but could be counted up to 100 cigars more). Also in each state rate of import of goods could differs a little bit.

Prohibited to import:

  • fresh and canned meat (including poultry);
  • absent and other alcoholic beverages containing artemisia absinthium;
  • drugs and drug-containing medications, and medications that were not certificated by the Federal medical agency of USA;
  • plants and seeds (exceptions are flowers without ground, but should include the sanitary  certificate), some fruits and vegetables;
  • fish and canned caviar; diary products and eggs from some countries;
  • soil samples;
  • insects; rare samples of wildlife and items made from them (leather coat, footwear and haberdashery from skins of wild animals, items made from ivory or tortoiseshell, footwear and haberdashery from crocodile skin etc.);
  • items made from animals skins, made on Haiti (for example Haitian drums);
  • any goods, made in Iran;
  • all types of matches and lighters (but never do the searches of such items);
  • counterfeits;
  • weapons, that are unlawful types according to the US law (to import hunting weapons you need to have special permission);
  • Cuban cigars (prohibited to import such from any country, not only from Cuba).

Strictly prohibited to import (and export!) any vegetables, fruits and fauna representatives to the territory of Hawaii not only from foreign countries, but also from the territory of USA.


Import of pets is only possible while having the international veterinary certificate with dates of vaccination against rabies indicated and with stamp of veterinary control department of country of department. Recommended to provide the pet with a collar and identification tags with the address of permanent residence of the host and the phones, also to have on hands the quarantine certificate (obviously included in veterinary certificate). All pets, that are transported to the territory of Hawaii, should pass long (up to 120 days depending on the country of origin) quarantine and have necessary the chip, executed by the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

Airport fees

All the airport fees are included in the price of ticket.

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