Work and Travel USA Program (WnT)

Work and Travel USA Program is an international cultural exchange program that appeared more that 50 years ago and was brought to a life by the U.S. Department of State. Students all around the world have the possibility to work in the United States of America for the period from two to four months, and after to travel around the USA and improve their English language skills as well. A huge advantage of the Work and Travel Program is the fact program gives the opportunity to live certain period of time in another country, as well as work in American company, while getting paid up to 12$ per hour, thus gaining new experience and making another step toward adulthood. Also you visa approval rate is 99% participating Work and Travel Program only, be aware that is much higher than the chance to get the touristic visa. Orange Travel company is the official local agent of the Work and Travel program in Ukraine. Each year company rise the quality standards of the program, which gives students the opportunity to became mature during the summer-long exchange period.


Work & Travel USA :

  • Is experiencing United States of America, the land where you change a lot of views, where people smile and greets each other on the streets; it is much more then crossing the ocean, your independent summer stay in the USA bring up the freedom and self-confidence you never felt before.
  • Great chance to improve your English skills without reading boring books and taking the courses.
  • Opportunity to work in a US company, to see business from inside, to adopt professional approach to making business while getting paid from 7$ to 12$ per hour.
  • Making friendship with the students all around the world, which participate the program and bring new ideas into your life.


Can you participate the Work and Travel Program? Yes, if:

  • you are currently enrolled student of the Ukrainian university;
  • your age is between 18 and 25 years old;
  • note that your nationality doesn’t matter.


Why Orange Travel?


  • This is a team of young, ambitious people, who did participate the program on their own  and would be able to help you in solving any problems that you can face during your Work and Travel program.
  • You will spend less with us! Our company differs with the clear price policy, never takes additional agency’s bonuses and other strange fees.
  • We have 3 partner sponsorship organizations in the Unites States of America, that is why you will have a wide range of various job placements to choose.
  • We treat our clients with high respect and patience – our goal is not the volume of participants, but the volume of satisfied with our service participants.
  • And the last, we do like the business we do, and we continuously strengthen professionalism of our team – we do like to grow together.