Internship USA & Trainee USA Programs

Are you university graduate or last year student? If so, you probably know to get the job in your field you need to have adequate experience. Orange Travel can help you in solving this issue. Internship/Trainee USA programs give you the opportunity to gain useful experience and improve the skills in your field. And believe us, unique experience in American company would higher your chances to get the job of your dream.

Enrollment process for Internship/Trainee programs continue all the year long!

Internship and Trainee programs are very similar, they just have different terns and different requirements for the participants.

Requirements for the Internship USA participant:

  •     currently enrolled student;
  •     or have graduated from the university within 12 months of the program start date;
  •     should be between the age from 18 to 34 years.

The period of Internship USA program should not exceed 12 months + 30 days for traveling. The minimum term for the program is 6 months.

Requirements for the Trainee USA participant:

  •     should have graduated from the university and have working experience in the same field no less than 2 years;
  •     or have working experience in the field of possible trainee program no less than 5 years (is not obligatory to have the diploma in that field) ;
  •     should be between the age from 19 to 34 years.

The period of Trainee program should not exceed 18 months + 30 days for traveling (for trainee programs in tourism the maximum period is 12 months). The minimum term for the program is 6 months.

Also there are some general requirements for both Internship & Trainee USA participants:

  •     your field of studying and work experience should correspond the field of training;
  •     Upper-intermediate or Advanced level of English (based on the employer requirements).

Fields of possible internships and trainings:

  •     Information, media and communication;
  •     Business, management and finance;
  •     Law and Administration;
  •     Culture;
  •     Humanities, Architecture and Math;
  •     Government administration and Jurisprudence;
  •     All fields of hospitality;
  •     Agriculture;
  •     Forestry and fish-farming.

You should be aware that participating Internship/Trainee programs you can’t work additional jobs, because the DS-2019 form for those programs gives permission to work only the job, mentioned in your DS-7002 form (training plan).

As all Cultural Exchange programs, Internship/Trainee programs have 2 options:

  • we provide you with a job-placement;
  • you look for a job-placement on your own.

No matter which option would you choose, you will need to submit further documents to participate Internship/Trainee program:

  •     copy of national passport;
  •     copies of international passport and USA visas (if have some);
  •     2 photos 5cm*5cm on the white ground; neutral facial expression; face should fill no less than 50% of the photo;
  •     CV;
  •     recommendation letter from the employer (for Trainee program);
  •     letter from the university/diploma.

This is the full list of documents required if you choose the option with our employer. If you choose the option, which you look for the employment on your own in, you will need to submit the plan with all the stages of training confirmed by the host company.

Internships and trainings could be paid and unpaid, because the main aim of these programs is not earning money, but gaining experience. So, if you decided to look for the job placement on your own, always check if the position is paid or unpaid. In cases with the unpaid positions, employers obviously provide free accommodation. 

Price for the Internship/Trainee program:

  • duration up to 6 months - 1150 $
  • duration from 6 to 12 months - 1350 $
  • duration from 12 to 18 months - 1550 $

Additionally paid:

  • registration fee - 200 $
  • job offer - 700 $
  • medical insurance - 35 $ per month
  • consular fee - 160 $
  • Sevis fee - 190 $
  • pin code to issue the visa interview - 12 $
  • 'site visit' fee - 185 $ (paid only by some self-placed participants)

Site visit is a process of approving the employer by sponsor organization in case the company did not host J-1 Intern/Trainee before and has less than 25 workers and 3 million dollars revenue per year.

If denied a visa by U.S. embassy the non-refundable fees are consular fees and 500 $ additionally.