The embassy interview as the process of getting the visa

The embassy interview with the council is one of the most important stages on the way to United States during the Work and Travel program. Getting the visa or not influence directly if you would go to the USA.

 The list of documents needed to pass the embassy interview:

  • printed DS-160 form, filled online (these forms are filled for you by representatives  of our agency);
  • DS-2019 form (should be signed by your hand);
  • I-901 form (confirmation of SEVIS-fee payment); 
  • the letter from the university, which confirms your student status (can be in Ukrainian or English, should consist the dates you finish your studying, especially the year);
  • the check from the bank, that confirms the council’s fee payment of 160$.

After all the paper’s are prepared by us and the interview date arranged, you need to know a little bit more about the interview process itself. The Orange Travel representative will lead you to the embassy, but you will enter the building on your own.

 The list of the documents you need to take to the embassy. Must not forget::

  • international passport;
  • original of the student ID card;
  • original of the student book with marks;
  • 60 hryvnas to pay the passport delivery via FedEx.

About your appearance. You should wear the cloth that you feel comfort in, it should be nice, but everyday.  You should stay calm and confident. Everything you will have with you, except from the documents(cell phone, keys, bags), you will need to put to the saving cell. Also don’t forget to remind the finger’s names, because visa officer ask to put on the scanner the exact finger (all the fingertips are taken before the interview in the special room in the embassy building) .

About the interview and the questions could be asked by the visa officer. First of all, you should remember that the interview is held in English. The officer could ask anything, so don’t hesitate to ask the officer to repeat the question if you didn’t hear one. Obviously, you will be asked about your studying in Ukraine(field of study, why did you choose that and so on ), about your trip (state, city, where you are going, why you are going there), about your employer (also what is your sponsor organization in the USA, what will be your salary, where are you going to live), about the company, which organized your trip in Ukraine(about us).You should know exactly 3 main things: name of your sponsor organization in the USA, all information from your employer, and the name of the company you registered for the program in Ukraine.

You will know the result of the interview after it finished. If the council gives back to you the DS-form and the green card, that mean you got the visa. If you didn’t get the visa, you should be given back your international passport, your DS-2019 form and the letter with explanation why you were refused!