U.S. employment during Work and Travel Program

U.S. employment for the students. Making right choice of your employment is very important for you, because it influence the amount of money you will gain during the summer.

Obviously, students have their job assignments in the area of hospitality – hotels, restaurants, markets, amusement parks. (see more information in the page ‘Types of Work’). Your work schedule intends to have 40 working hours per week, so you will work 5 days 8 hours per day in most cases. Lots of employers give the opportunity to work overtime, and the wage rate for those hours is a half times higher. Important to understand that overtime is not obligatory. The minimum wage for Work and Travel jobs is 7.25 dollars per hour, the average – 7-9 dollars per hour.

Some jobs are tipped (in most cases the wait stuff, and hotel stuff), so the wage could be here in the area of 2-3 dollars per hour. But taking to consideration the fact, that waiter can make up to 200 dollars of tips per evening, such job would be more payable than one with wage more than 9 dollars per hour.

While choosing your job, take a look if the employer provides free (or cheap) housing and food. It would also make such job more preferable.

In most cases students get their first salary in two weeks via paycheck. It could be cashed in the bank, or deposited into the bank account.

According to program rules, students can work more than one job. Average salary would make from 400 to 500 dollars per week. Of course, it is not a limit – some students work 80 hours per week and make 1000 dollars per week. That is why, you should combine correct your work and rest time, so to bring home not only money, but also lots of bright impressions.

Each participant has two options of program employment:

  1. our agency looks for the employment;
  2. participant looks for the employment on his/her own.

First option is simple and clear. If the participant decides to look for a job on his/her own, some tips would be useful.

Of course, if you going the second time to the employer from previous summer, you will not have any difficulties. If you are a first-timer, but nevertheless, decided to look for a job by yourself (that makes a price of a program much lower), some web links would be useful for you.

http://www.j1jobs.com – website with the jobs for J-1 students.

http://www.coolworks.com/ - website for job search on the resorts, beaches, ranches and amusement parks

http://www.seasonalemployment.com/  - website with the seasonal jobs

http://www.overseasjobs.com/  - website with the seasonal and part-time jobs

http://www.fishingjobs.com/ - website with Alaska jobs

www.yellowpages.com – here you could find company’s you are interested in infos.

For the job searching participant will need to compose CV and Cover letter – motivation letter to the employer. Those documents should be composed the way, in which they would get employer’s attention.

We recommend not to buy job-offers from unknown people in internet (for example from social networks, chats and so on), because we can’t guarantee you’ll have a placement after you will come to USA in that case, and nobody will refund your money.

Also you should remember about program’s restrictions while looking for a job: J-1 students can’t work in families, on sea ships, on airplanes, with children, in medicine and in the area of adult entertainment.

If our company confirmed the employment, that was found by you, it does not guarantee you will have indicated in your job offer conditions after arrival. But anyway, the choice is yours.