Your Accommodation in the USA

As always you have the opportunity to choose from two options  :-)

First one – the housing is provided by your employer, the second one – you look for a housing on your own.

Students, who participate the Work and Travel program for the first time, obviously choose the fist option, which have pre-arranged housing. If the employer provides your accommodation, it is written in the job-offer. The rent will be from 100 up to 400-450 dollars per month. The highest rent will be found in resort cities and New York. For that amount of money you will rent a room with 1 to 3 roommates. Sometimes employer provides housing for free. For example, students, who work in hotel could live in the same hotel’s rooms.

If you choose second option and your employer doesn’t provide housing, you can look for it either from Ukraine (via Internet) or after arrival in the USA. Also you can ask your employer via phone where you can live during the program and where other participants obviously live during the program. You can arrange your housing with the help of websites:

If you decide to look for housing after your arrival, you need to find a hostel or a hotel for a few days. You can look for your accommodation in the magazine posts, or if staying in the resort city you can find ‘For Rent’ signs on the houses, which you can rent or rent a room in.

If you are traveling with a group of 5 or more students, you can rent a house. Even if you are traveling alone or with one friend, there is always a possibility to find other students, who rent a house and are looking for roommates. If you don’t succeed in finding other participants to rent a house, you always can rent an apartment.