Orange Travel will help you to get money paid for taxes during your stay in USA back

While working in the USA you will notice that each paycheck has the line with tax withholdings that deducts from amount earned. During the summer students can earn up to 10 thousand dollars and employers could deduct up to 1.5 thousand for taxes. According to the rules of exchange programs J-1 students are not obliged to pay all taxes Americans pay. According to the regulations of U.S. Department of State and IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Work and Travel participants should pay only Federal tax and State tax (but they are the subject of refund after taxation period ends), while most employers withhold Social Security and Medicare taxes as well.

Good news for students, who spent their summer in USA, is that all taxes are subject of refund. You just need to save some documents from your employers and fill necessary applications after coming back home. Here is the list of documents needed to get the taxes paid back:

  • last paycheck or W-2 form from each employer
  • copy of social security card
  • copy of DS-2019 form
  • copy of USA visa
  • contacts of each employer in the USA

W-2 form – is the statement from your employer about your earnings and taxes paid. Obviously, employers will not issue this form for you without asking them to do so. If you forgot to do that, it would be enough to apply with last paychecks only.

What should you do if you don’t have all documents needed for tax refund? You can still apply and provide us with the documents you have. All other papers we would restore for you through your employer or sponsor.  

Tax refund process takes 90-120 days average from the moment of submitting all necessary documents and filling applications (you can fill applications in our office, or ask us to send them via email, fill, scan and send back to us). You will receive your refund to your bank account, that is why it is important to have one the moment you receive money back. The account could be opened in any country bank, but need to be opened for your name.  

Notice that Orange Travel company deals with tax refunds for all participants of Work and Travel program. It does not matter which company arranged your trip.

You can apply for tax refund during next 3 years after completing your program. For example, if you participated Work and Travel program in 2008, but did not apply for tax refund, you can do it now and get you taxes paid back.

It is very important for you to save your social security card, because this is the only documents we would not be able to restore for you. Sometimes happens that students know their social security number, but they lost their social security card. In such cases you need to apply for new original to Social Security Administration office(