Orange Travel offers you special English language course for the participants of Work and Travel program

Orange Travel company offers you to take the course of English language, that is specially made for the participants of Work and Travel program to prepare students for successful and confident passing the embassy interview, to improve the level of English before the trip and overcome the possible language difficulties during the work process in the USA.

The course we offer to you is a three-month course that has communicative direction. During the classes students work out such topics as:

  • Meetings and greetings
  • Weather
  • Speaking on the phone (the secrets of reduction the sms)
  • Shopping
  • Description of the people
  • Events from life and feelings
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Health
  • Free time and entertainment

Particular attention are paid to the most important for W&T participants topics:

  • traveling by plane (bus)
  • interview with the employer
  • working in the hotel
  • working in the Food&Beverage Business (cook, barman, wait staff, cashier)

The price for the special course of English for Work and Travel participants is 550 hryvnas per month. If you pay the whole course(three months) the price would be 1500 hryvnas.

There are many groups that have classes in different time, so you can choose the one suits you best. Before starting the course you receive the free consultation when experienced teachers would evaluate your English level and would point the elements you need to improve to update your level of English to the desired.

Also you can attend the free probation class, that would give you the opportunity to test if you chose the right course.

All the classes take place in small groups of 5 people and have communicative direction. All the teachers use the direct teaching method, which suppose maximal usage of English language during the class. You start communicating English starting from the first class! Necessary grammar level, listening and live communication – all those aspects are well-balanced in the special course of English level for the participants of Work and Travel.