Registration for Work and Travel 2012 started

Start of the registration process for Work and Travel 2012.

Starting from July 18th 2011, Orange Travel company the process of registration participants for Work and Travel 2012 season. Registration during the summer will bring lots of benefits. First of all, the price for the registration till september will be 50 dollars only. Secondly, students who register till September 15th will surely have last-year price for the program. Also, everybody should understand that early registration help them to have more successful program. Statistics shows that groups went first to the embassy (guys who registered in the first months of registration process) in March and April did have only 2% denial rate. People registered later had their embassy interviews in May or even June and had less chanches of getting the visa. For example, the denial rate in June was 20%. Additionaly, students should understand that people who register first get more job-options and can get the position in wished state or city.

You can register for the program coming to our office or using the form for online registration on our website.