Traveling through USA – how to spend your time better

Participating the Work & Travel USA 13 program is not only for making money, it gives you the possibility to spend memorable you summer holidays. Students get the opportunity to travel and spend their holidays in the USA.

Spend you weekends outside your home, for example you can go to the park or to the beach. Check the local Tourist Information Center or ask you coworkers about the interesting places in your area. Amusement industry is presented with a huge number of interesting places – starting from amusement parks, night clubs and restaurants to trips in mountains, fishing in the rock river or ocean, tours through all America and cruises to the islands – The Bahamas, The Virgin Islands, Hawaii.

Obviously, students working in the USA have 2 day offs a week. These days you can plan a trip and take a car for rent from a auto renting company with a company of 3-4 friends. That would cost you approximately $100..$120 for 2 days including the gas and insurance. So it would only $30..$40 per person for 2 days of mobility. If we add for this amount 20-30 dollars more (for food and other) and we get that for $50..$70 (this is your salary for 1 working day) you get two days of amusement holidays with change of places, new impressions and lots of stories. And having auto, you can go any direction.

For example:

  • go to the nearest state, to some famous city to see the attractions, try local cuisine in some cheap restaurant...
  • go to another city in your state for a festival or a concert of a famous artist, singer, band of DJ…
  • go to the wild ocean beach, where you will always find big waves and can practice surfing or tan...
  • go to mountains and have a trip trough walking trails or experience adrenalin rush while rafting…
  • go to the village and have horseback riding.

Need to mention, that for renting the auto you will be asked for sure your driver’s license (it’s better if it would International standard with translation into English) and a plastic card Visa or MasterCard. You should have enough funds on you card to pay for auto rent.  Additionally you can be charged a fee (approximately $5 a day) if you will have more than one driver (extra driver fee). And students who are less than 25 years old need to pay additional “under 25 age fee” that is approximately $20. Also you need to know that some roads have points, where you need to pay for driving this road, so call “toll fee”, the fees could vary from 50 cents to 5 dollars (depending on the length and closeness to the city).

In any case the costs for your trip will be scanty compared to the impressions you will get from such trip with your new and old friends. Keep in mind that before a trip better to know more about the destination point and a route you need to make. Buy US roads map, study the reductions and abbreviations. Study the prices for renting a car in different companies.

To make a trip, it’s not only option to take a car for rent. You can use the service of bus company, for example Greyhound. If you are planning to travel through USA for 1-2 weeks, than it would be better for you to buy a ticket for all that period. In this case you will have the opportunity to take any bus in any direction and don’t bother yourself with the schedule and somebody’s plans. But keep in mind that bus trips could become heavy trial, if it take 15-20 hours with stops every 3-4 hours.

If you want to have more comfort you can buy a ticket for train. It would cost a little bit more that a ticket for bus, but such a trip would make you less uncomfortable and tired. For example, in Colorado you can try “stream train service”, that works nowadays – it’s a train, that takes passengers through the most beautiful places in Colorado.

Also you can try take organized tours (for example Green Tortouise Tour), that give travelers the opportunity to make a trip through all America on small buses. By the way, the route and the speed of moving are chosen by the passengers. All together prepare food, install tents or stay in cheap hostels.

If you are working all the summer on the East Coast, so you would be interested to see another shore of America. Possible option is to take a plane to Las Vegas, NV (by the way there are cheap food and hotels, because casinos want to attract more customers), loose some amount of earned money (or even win), and take after a car for rent and go to:

  1. Grand Canyon, to wonder with the creations of nature, have contact with Indians, take a trip to the million-aged rocks, and tan under hot sun of the desert.
  2. Death Valley, where you will not find anything alive – to wonder with the unearthly landscapes of dunes and hills.
  3. Tahoe Lake, the pearl inside Big Mountains, one of the biggest lakes on the planet, - to have a walk on the wild nature, listen echo of the mountains, have a boat trip, and feed the wild deer with the apples.
  4. San Francisco, to see all the amusement attractions of this grand city, - Museum of Modern Art, Alcatrac, Fishermans Warf, Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Japanese gardens...
  5. Los Angeles, to feel the spirit of  "city of angels", have a walk on Avenue of Stars, takes some photos near "HOLLYWOOD", confront with a megastar in the district of Beverly Hills or Rodeo Drive.
  6. San Diego, to meet the sons of Chili, Peru and Costa Rica and other countries of Latin America, try surfing or join the singing guitar songs at night beach, or have a walk through the old part of the city - Gaslamp Quarter...

After all, even you decided not to open your own America and did not make even a small trip, stay for a few days in New York city and you will not regret. You can stay in some cheap hostel.